Chapter 190: 3/4 Action

Published on November th, 2010

Chapter 190: 3/4 Action

-Diary of the Originator. 2CD’s. Official Screwed & Chopped
-Classic Screw from For he source. Professionally released for the first time on CD.

Disc 1
1. Tonight Da Night- Kriss Kross
2. Freestyle- Pimp C & Poppy
3. Who's Mask Murder- South Circle
4. It's Getting Deeper- Crime Boss
5. I'm Be A Nigga For Life- Dre & Eazy E
6. Summer Time In The LBC- Dove Shack

Disc 2
1. It's All On You, What You Gone Do- 8 Ball & MJG
2. Freshest Mc- NTS
3. Smoke And Lean- Botany Boys
4. Living Just Enough For The City
5. Jealous Got Me Strapped- Spice 1
6. Blow Your Horns- Dangerous Crew
7. So Much Pain- South Circle
8. South Circle- South Circle
9. Outro- Poppy & 380 D

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