Chapter 180: 3 N Da Mornin pt11

Published on November th, 2010

Chapter 180: 3 N Da Mornin pt11

-Diary of the Originator. 2CD’s. Official Screwed & Chopped
-Classic Screw from For he source. Professionally released for the first time on CD.

Disc 1
1. Intro- ESG
2. Sail Thru Da South- ESG
3. Smoke And Lean- Botany
4. No Way Out- Al D
5. 4 Life- Mac 10
6. Serving A Duece- 20 To Life
7. Sippin Codein- Big Moe
8. HatersWatching Me- Too Fancy & Victor Black

Disc 2
1. High Wit Da Blankster- Point Blank
2. G Ride- ESG
3. Why U Hatin Me- Al D
4. Cloverland- Botany Boys
5. Pimp Pens- Lil Keke
6. On Da SouthSide- Mass 187
7. Outro

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