Chapter 113: Barre

Published on November st, 2010

Chapter 113: Barre

-Diary of the Originator. 2CDs. Official Screwed & Chopped
-Classic DJ Screw from the source. Professionally released for the first time on CD.

Disc 1
1. Pass By And Dont Speak- UGK
2. Sock It To Me- Missy Elliot
3. Aint Nothin Changed- Bone Thugs And Harmony
4. Suave House Confederation- Suave House
5. Other Damn Level Of The Game- Bushwick
6. Is This The End- Bad Boy & 112
7. Murder In The Makin- Lil Keke & The Hershlwood Hardheads
8. Texas Stars- Coop MC
9. Outro

Disc 2
1. We Aint The Same
2. Body Rott- Bone Thugs & Harmony
3. I Miss My Homie- No Limit ft Pimp C
4. Gotham City- R Kelly
5. Inst.
6. So Much Pain- 2Pac
7. Everlasting Bass- Rodney O & Joe Cooley
8. The Bridge Is Over- KRS One
9. Nite & Day- Al B Sure

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