Chapter 014: Sippin Codein

Published on November th, 2010

Chapter 014: Sippin Codein

-Diary of the Originator. 2CDs. Official Screwed & Chopped
-Classic DJ Screw from the source. Professionally released for the first time on CD.

Disc 1:
1. Third Coast Born- C Note, Fat Pat
2. Millionaire Dreams- Cash Money, Big Tymers
3. My Lady- Spackavelle
4. Fuck The World- 2 Pac
5. Soldier Rags- Juvenille
6. Homies & Thug Niggas- Ins
7. Break That Trick- Bun B, Mjg

Disc 2:
1. Finer Thangs- Scarface, Too Shhort, Devin, Tela
2. Snitch- ESG
3. I Don’t Wanna Be Here- Master P
4. Getting Money- 2 Pac
5. Only The Strong Survive- 8 Ball
6. Don’t Hate Me- Big Tymers
7. Southside We Roll On Choppas (Freestyle)- Big Moe, Depac, Big Pokey

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