Chapter 007: Ballin In Da Mall

Published on October th, 2010

Chapter 007: Ballin In Da Mall

-Diary of the Originator. 2CDs. Official Screwed & Chopped
-Classic DJ Screw from the source. Professionally released for the first time on CD.

Disc 1
1. Intro- Ain’t Banks
2. Something 2 Ride 2- Banks, Pooh, Dangerous Crew
3. Freestyle-
4. Little Nigga- Master P
5. Im In Yo City- Inst
6. Reality- Warren G

Disc 2
1. Freestyle
2. So Tired Of Ballin- Tela
3. E 40 & B Legit
4. I’m Just A G- Botany Boys
5. We Parlay- Woss Ness
6. Black Lacker- Big Mike

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